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Crave Catering Portland, Oregon


Crave Catering - Portland, Oregon

Remember “THAT DAY”?? You know, that day that sticks in your head as one of the most perfect days you can remember? You sat under that weeping willow tree listening to the summer breeze; watched the kids play Frisbee with the dog. Remember those ribs fallin’ off the bone and the wonderful aromas wafting through the air? That watermelon was so sweet and delicious, dripping off your chin. But the sticky watermelon didn’t matter because you knew that a swim in the lake would feel great.

Remember how relieved you were to hire a caterer that not only took care of all of the details that day, they were like part of the family? That day was a great day!

WE ARE CRAVE CATERING and this is what WE DO. We take catering to the next level by creating freedom for you and your guests to unwind and not worry about a thing. Tell us about your vision. The planning process will become fun talking about menu items, games and themes for the day. Executive Chef David M. Fisher offers an exciting array of menus that will stimulate the eyes and electrify your taste buds. He takes great care in his ingredients by hand picking fruits and vegetables while keeping close tabs to see what is in season, local and sustainable.

From Outdoor Picnics and Weddings to Corporate Luncheons, Private Household parties and Family Reunions, we are the Caterer for you.

We are committed to our sustainability promise of “10% more than the year before”.  We are committed to improving our business practices on a continuing basis; we honestly care about the environment and the impact that the entire Hospitality Industry has on it. Please join us by making a 10% shift in how you do things... After all, we've only been doing this for just over 2 years and already we have made a 50% less impact on landfills and a 50% less impact on the amount our delivery vehicles emit carbon into the air.

Call our sales team today and set up your next special occasion or event hosted by CRAVE CATERING! 503-224-0370